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Put Me In Coach!

Even when I was just starting school, back when crayons were only six to a box and they were fat, I picked up everyone else's energy in the room. Any room. When Mrs. Gage, my kindergarten teacher, would pour the liquid starch onto the large pieces of paper at each desk and then pour the paint so we could squish our chubby little digits into the paint I felt indescribable joy momentarily. I say momentarily because my focus would be pulled fairly quickly to Michelle or Curtis who was perhaps uncomfortable with getting their hands dirty or they were feeling a bit lost away from the warmth and comfort of home. I felt it was my duty to see if I could say something to make them feel differently. I wanted them to feel differently desperately so their energy would feel differently so that I could go back to enjoying my painting! My Dad, a very quiet man, offered this to me... "Now, kiddo,you just take care of you and don't worry about the other kids." If I had been able to articulate what was going on for me I would have said... "Great advice Daddy, would you mind asking the other kids to stop emoting so loudly?"

As the years sped by at breakneck speed not much changed for me in this regard until fairly recently. I came to the blessed realization that in many instances my Dad's advice was right on target. It is one thing to assist and do so with the best of intentions even. It is quite another matter to step in just moments before your intended recipient of assistance is able to have their AHA moment and thereby giving them the courage to remove that sharp edged pebble out of their own shoe finally and move forward more comfortably. This happy change in approach to assisting required a new strategy and as usual the Universe, or the Celestial Coach was only too happy to oblige with visual aids and humor as well. So now, before I fling myself over the side of the boat with life preserver in tow, I ask my inner guidance if my assistance is needed at this time. Often I am shown a vision of myself sitting on the proverbial bench waiting to be called in by the coach with his whistle and clipboard. It frustrates me and makes me chuckle at the same time. It also tells me what I need to know. Conversely, I am nudged when my assistance, in whatever form is best, is called for and I am only too happy to spring off the bench from the sidelines and get in the game that I am called to.

Honor your time on the bench. Wait to be called off the bench and never doubt for a moment the level of grace that you demonstrate by your willingness to assist and your willingness to wait for grace to descend for another.